20 – 25lbs JUNXING F117L Recreational Recurve Bow


Junxing F117L 20-25lbs Recurve Bow is ideal for beginners, children or adults. It features high-quality parts and beautiful traditional designed, resilient and long lasting,right weight for the most comfortable handle feeling.

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20 – 25lbs JUNXING F117L Recreational Recurve Bow DETAILS

Bow length: 54”
Riser length: 15”
Weight: 1.8lb
Max draw length: 29”
Draw weight: 20lb,25lb
Riser Weight:1lb

20 – 25lbs JUNXING F117L Recreational Recurve Bow MANUAL

The JUNXING F117L is a recurve recurve bow that can be used by anyone, young or old and male or female. It has an overall length of 54” and a draw weight of between 20 and 25 lbs. The F117L features a riser weight of 1 lb making it extremely easy to handle, and with its durable polycarbonate limbs it will allow any user to take part in their first experiences with archery or continue training for long term enjoyment.

Junxing F117L Recreational Recurve Bow is designed for basic practice and enjoyment. Made with a durable fiberglass riser, this bow has a high performance of strength & accuracy. The bow comes in different draw weights and draw length to meet the needs of all ages and skill levels! The forearm protecting device helps avoid mishaps.


20 – 25lbs JUNXING F117L Recreational Recurve Bow REVIEW

Lin Deng she
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"I wanted to write to you and let you know that this bow is one of the best investments I have ever made. I use it all the time for hunting. I hunt deer, elk, and bear with it."
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"I really enjoy the JUNXING F117L Recreational Recurve Bow, it is a great bow for the price. I use it in my archery class and it is a lot of fun. Sometimes I even take the kids to shoot a few arrows."
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"This is the perfect bow for beginners and those who have used a compound bow before. The JUNXING F117L is truly a work of art, and it's also not quite as expensive as other recurve bows."


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20 – 25lbs JUNXING F117L Recreational Recurve Bow

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