25- 55lbs JUNXING F164 lever Recurve Bow


Junxing F-164 lever Recurve bow is designed for both starters and advanced archers.High quality aluminum alloy material with black rubber handgrip decreases jarring and shooting

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25- 55lbs JUNXING F164 lever Recurve Bow DETAILS

Draw Length: 9–31″(adjustable)
Brace Height: 7″
Let-off: 55%, 65%, 80% (the labor saving ratio can be adjusted)

Pounds: 25-55 lbs (adjustable)
Material: Gordon laminated bow limbs, parts 7075 aviation aluminum CNC machined (except accessories)
Size: 127.3X 29.3X 7.6cm
Packing size: 131.2X32X8.6cm
Weight: 1905g
Packing weight: 2779g
Note: The above parameters are all measured manually, there may be errors, and the specific information is mainly based on the actual product.

25- 55lbs JUNXING F164 lever Recurve Bow EVALUATION

25- 55lbs JUNXING F164 lever Recurve Bow MANUAL

The JUNXING F164 Lever Recurve Bow has a pull range of 25-55 pounds, making it good for both young children and adults. The bow is designed with a sturdy handle, making it especially comfortable to use. In addition, the bow has a draw length between 9 and 31 inches, so it can be adjusted to fit your personal needs. Furthermore, this bow features three different levels of let-off ensuring you an effortless release each time you shoot. Overall this recurve bow from JUNXING is great for shooting practice or target practice as well as competitions.

The bow is made of high quality 7075 aviation aluminum CNC machined parts and Gordon laminated bow limbs. It’s compact, durable and adjustable, suitable for different age groups. The bow can be adjusted according to the body structure of an individual child, resulting in a more confident shooting experience.


25- 55lbs JUNXING F164 lever Recurve Bow REVIEW

Lin Deng she
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"I bought this bow because I'm new to archery and I wanted something that was easy to learn on with a good price. The person at the archery store really helped me find a bow that would be a good fit for my height and strength."
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" I can't thank you guys enough for your mission to provide high quality products at affordable prices. I bought a bow from another store and it was terrible, it didn't have any arrows and the string was broken in the package."
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"This is the first bow I have ever owned, and it is absolutely amazing. It is so easy to string and shoot. I am a beginner archer and this has been the perfect bow for me."


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25- 55lbs JUNXING F164 lever Recurve Bow

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