30- 50lbs JUNXING B1 Recurve Bow


Junxing B1 Recurve Bow is the best archery small game hunting bow. You can enjoy this small archery when you go camping or outdoor sports, or any other outdoor activities.

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30- 50lbs JUNXING B1 Recurve Bow DETAILS

1. Weight:3.8pounds

2. 19 inch metal multifunctional beauty hunting bow handle

3. Chord length: 59 inches

4. Pounds selection: 30-60 pounds

5. ILF international common interface

6. Bow stop: 18-20cm, best performance

7. Maximum pulling distance: 32 inches

8. Gordon tablets imported from the United States

9. Bcy-d97 professional bow and arrow string materials imported from the United States,Black gray mixed two-color bow string

30- 50lbs JUNXING B1 Recurve Bow EVALUATION

30- 50lbs JUNXING B1 Recurve Bow MANUAL

30- 50lbs JUNXING B1 Recurve Bow is a practical and accurate bow, which is designed for archers who are looking for an allround recurve stringed bow. It’s excellent design can reduce the vibration of limbs at the moment of releasing, which lead to smooth and quiet shooting experience.

The JUNXING B1 Recurve Bow is a great beginner bow for those who are looking to get into archery or just looking to refine their skills with an affordable, reliable piece of equipment. It can be used by both Right and Left hand recurve shooters with our ambidextrous riser design.


30- 50lbs JUNXING B1 Recurve Bow REVIEW

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"I am a beginner and I have my first bow! I was really worried about having the wrong size or something, but 30- 50lbs JUNXING B1 Recurve Bow has everything I need. It's great to be able to just get everything you need in one place."
Ah win
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"I began shooting traditional archery 5 years ago and had difficulty finding recurve bows that matched my weight. This is the first bow I have found that I could use and it has been a great purchase."
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"I was looking for a bow and arrow set for my daughter to use in her archery class and I came across this one. I have been very happy with the purchase. The quality is great, and it has really helped her learn how to shoot."


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30- 50lbs JUNXING B1 Recurve Bow

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