30-60lb JUNXING F162 Hunting Longbow


F162 30-60lbs hunting longbow with aluminum riser, CNC machined, ILF transfer fiberglass limbs and a max draw weight of 60 lbs.

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30-60lb JUNXING F162 Hunting Longbow DETAILS

F162 huting longbow
long bow for hunting
CNC aluminum riser
ILF transfer fiberglass limbs
60″ long bow
30-60lbs draw weight 

30-60lb JUNXING F162 Hunting Longbow MANUAL

F162 hunting longbow, capable for long range and powerful shooting. CNC aluminum riser and ILF transfer fiberglass limbs, give you better performance and durability. 30-60lbs draw weight makes it easy to use.

The F162 hunting longbow is a bow for all types of hunting. With its ILF transfer fiberglass limbs, CNC aluminum riser and high strength carbon arrows, the F162 huting longbow can provide the best balance to create a powerful shooting experience.


30-60lb JUNXING F162 Hunting Longbow REVIEW

Sima La
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"I have had the JUNXING F162 Hunting longbow for a few months now and I can honestly say that this archery bow is perfect for me. I wanted to start archery hunting and after a lot of research, I decided on this bow from Jungling Archery. It is fairly lightweight and has an aluminum riser which allows me to move around easily. I'm very pleased with my purchase."
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"I have always been a fan of buying bows online because they usually can't be touched before they are ordered, and I know that the quality will be good. This bow is absolutely perfect for me. It's light enough to use for hunting, but has just enough power for target shooting."
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"I have been hunting with this bow for years and it is still going strong. If you are looking for a durable longbow that will last you for many, many years, the JUNXING F162 is definitely your best bet."


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30-60lb JUNXING F162 Hunting Longbow

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