Junxing F154A target recurve bow


Junxing F154A 54″ Target Recurve Bow is a compound bow that allows you to select an arrow rest and type of sight based on your shooting preference.

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Junxing F154A target recurve bow DETAILS

Bow length: 66”
Bow weight: 2.8lb
Draw weight: 18-40lb
Draw length: 32”
Bow riser: 21”
Riser material: aluminum
Brace height: 8-1/4”

Junxing F154A target recurve bow EVALUATION

Junxing F154A target recurve bow MANUAL

The JUNXING F115 is designed for everyone to have it. It offers a good grip, perfect for a beginner. Its power, speed and accuracy make it suitable for both practice and competition. The bow features aluminum risers each engineered to provide the best in performance and durability. The strong but lightweight riser will find its place at competitions or in the backyard no matter where you are going.

The JUNXING F115 Target Youth Recurve Bow was designed for the beginner archer that is looking to take a leap into the world of archery. The sturdy aluminum riser and limbs are both reinforced with composite materials, making this bow highly durable with an increased wax on wood glidewrap finish. The magnetic string silencers mean you can practice in total peace.


Junxing F154A target recurve bow REVIEW

Sima La
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"I'm a hunter and this is the best bow I have ever used. It's long enough to provide great accuracy and power, but short enough that you don't have a lot of weight to pull back. In addition, the bow is extremely durable and easy to assemble."
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"I'm a bow hunter and have used a few hunting compound bows in my time. I was reluctant to get one again because of the high price tag associated with them. My hunt for a cheap compound bow lead me to this one, the 30-60lb JUNXING F161 Hunting Compound BOW."
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"If you are looking for a compound bow that will last, then this is the bow for you. The bow has a great feel and shoots like a dream. I love hunting with it in all weather conditions."


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Junxing F154A target recurve bow

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