20-45lbs JUNXING M132 Compound Bow


The 20-45lbs JUNXING  M132 Compound Bow is constructed from a good machining aluminum, durable to use. It could resist heat, cold and resist water well.

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20-45lbs JUNXING M132 Compound Bow DETAILS

Axle to Axle : 34″
Brace Height : 7″
Draw Weight : 20-45lbs
Let Off : 70%
Draw Length : 25“-30”
IBO Speed : 290fps
Net Weight : 3.8lbs
Package Size :99*34*8cm;

20-45lbs JUNXING M132 Compound Bow MANUAL

The Junxing M132 is a compound bow that has a draw weight range of 20-45 lbs. This bow is comfortable to shoot, powerful and durable. The limbs are made from hard aluminum alloy which means durability and great performance at reasonable price.

Junxing M132 compound bow made of high quality aluminum alloy, this compound bow is suitable for adults. It comes with a short quiver and sight, no arrow rest or handle needed. The draw length can be adjusted from 25” to 30”. You will get everything you need to start shooting right out of the box, a proper size armguard and wrist sling are also included with the purchase.


20-45lbs JUNXING M132 Compound Bow REVIEW

Contu M Hei
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"I can't say enough about how much I love this bow. I am an experienced archer and I have been using the same brand for a few years now, but my wife has been trying to persuade me to buy her one of these for a while. Finally, we bought this one as a compromise and it does not disappoint! It is made of a light material, it shoots smoothly and is accurate at any distance."
Luci Dio
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"I used to shoot with a crossbow, and I was getting tired of the same old thing. I found this compound bow on Amazon and it has been a really fun way to change up my routine. It is so easy to shoot, has really good customer service, and since I have been using it for the past few months there has been no sign of any wear or tear at all."
Canali Alfonso
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"My son told me about Junxing bows and I was willing to make the investment. I was so surprised how affordable this was. This is a high-quality compound bow."


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20-45lbs JUNXING M132 Compound Bow

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