35-75lbs JUNXING M181 Hunting Compound Bow


JUNXING M181 Hunting Compound Bow is suitable for hunting and shooting. It is a high performance compound bow with adjustable draw length.

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35-75lbs JUNXING M181 Hunting Compound Bow DETAILS

IBO Speed:320fps Axle – to -Axle:31.5″
Draw weight: 0- 70lbs
Draw Lengths: 26-28.5″
Brace Height: 7.3″
Let-off: 80%
Single bow Weight: 3.08lbs

35-75lbs JUNXING M181 Hunting Compound Bow MANUAL

The Junxing M181 Hunting Compound Bow Set is a 35-75 lbs draw weight compound bow. Featuring a two-piece machined aluminum riser, reinforced limb tips, and an adjustable saddle mounted cam system, this is a great starter bow for any new archer or hunter.

M181 is a great entry-level compound bow for anyone looking for a good hunting compound bow. Featuring an adjustable draw length and pull, this bow is easy to use and reliable. Compound bows are one of the best choices for hunters who want to enjoy their shooting experience without going through too many hassles. With this compound bow in your arsenal, you can expect it to offer consistently high accuracy and deadly power at up to 30 yards.


35-75lbs JUNXING M181 Hunting Compound Bow REVIEW

Contu M Hei
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"I am so excited to share this review with you. This bow is everything I have ever wanted in a hunting bow and more. As someone who has been shooting bows since they were just a kid, I can say it's one of the best products I've seen come onto the scene in a long time. It is sleek, durable and most importantly, comfortable."
Luci Dio
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"This bow is amazing. I had been wanting to buy one for my son but wasn't sure which kind of bow would be best, so I did a lot of research to find the right one. I am so glad I found this one and that it was within my budget."
Canali Alfonso
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"After a lot of research I had decided on my first bow and without hesitation, these guys have been there for me the whole time. The customer service is top notch and I just wanted to say thank you for everything."


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35-75lbs JUNXING M181 Hunting Compound Bow

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