25-30lb JUNXING F116A Youth Recurve Bow


JUNXING Youth Recurve Bow Set F-116A is produced by high quality material and made with professional technique. It is a good set for children to grow with archery.

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25-30lb JUNXING F116A Youth Recurve Bow DETAILS

Merk : Junxing F116 A
Bahan : Limbs Fiber & Riser Alloy
Warna : Hitam
Panjang Busur : 51.5 inch – 53.5 inch (bisa disesuaikan panjangnya)
Berat Tarikan / Draw Weight : 25 – 26.5 lbs
Berat Busur : 2 lbs / 0.9 kg
Panjang Tarikan / Draw Length : 30 Inch
String nylon
Cocok untuk pengenalan busur bagi pemula
Set terdiri dari : riser, limbs, string, string guard

25-30lb JUNXING F116A Youth Recurve Bow MANUAL

The JunXing F116A Youth Recurve Bow Beginner Set is great for people looking to get started with archery. The set includes a bow and two arrows, made from bamboo and featuring leather fletches. It also comes with a string stringer and Polar Brand leather armguard. The set is great for children aged 8-12 years old and measures 51.5″-53.5″ in length and 25-30lbs in draw weight; not suitable for children under 8 years old.

The JUNXING F116A Youth Recurve Bow has a draw weight of 25-30lbs and a draw length of 24-27.5″. This bow is crafted from a durable maple, inlaid with black fiberglass and finished with a protective coating. Sported by the elite archer Yi Shuai, this youth model is suitable for young archers or beginners.


25-30lb JUNXING F116A Youth Recurve Bow REVIEW

Sima La
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"The bow is perfect for my daughter and was easy to get strung up. It is light and she can pull it back with ease. I got it for a great price, very happy with this purchase."
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"I was skeptical of the price and quality at first but this bow is amazing. I have been shooting it all day now, and it works wonderfully."
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"I bought a Junxing F116A Youth Recurve Bow for my kid and it is perfect for him. The bow is strong, has a good grip, and the price was reasonable. I was going to buy a brand new one but this bow was on sale and it saved me a lot of money."


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25-30lb JUNXING F116A Youth Recurve Bow

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