30-60lbs JUNXING M109f Hunting Compound Bow


JUNXING M109F compound bow is an entry-level compound bow for archery beginners. This bow is designed for rangers, hunters, and sports archers needing cheap and reliable equipment.

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30-60lbs JUNXING M109f Hunting Compound Bow DETAILS

Draw weight:30— 60lbs adjustable
Draw length: 25—30”
Brace height:7” Axle to axle:2 0”

Weight:3.7 lb

30-60lbs JUNXING M109f Hunting Compound Bow MANUAL

Specifically designed for hunting, the M109f is an efficient, powerful bow with a draw cycle that feels great and delivers total arrow control. It features an adjustable draw weight range of 30-60 lb. The included stabilizer and quiver are both made of strong, durable plastic to help maximize accuracy.

Excellent for tactical hunting and also for target practice, the JUNXING M109f Hunting Compound Bow is equipped with a 30-60lbs draw weight and a 25—30″ adjustable draw length. Its 7″ Axle to Axle length and 2′ axle to axle height make this compound bow ideal for beginners or advanced archers who are looking to get powerful shooting shots. With a brace height of 7″, it’s easy to shoot targets at different ranges with precision accuracy.


30-60lbs JUNXING M109f Hunting Compound Bow REVIEW

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"I am 5'5, female and have always been hesitant about spending the money on a hunting bow. I finally found this bow, it was affordable and I'm 5 inches taller with it! It is a great feel to it and has enough room for me to grow into. I would recommend for anyone who is smaller and wanting to start hunting."
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"I recommend this bow to anyone that is looking for a great hunting bow. It has adjustable draw weights and it also has a nice sleek look to it. I am happy with my purchase."
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"I am a bow hunter and I have been looking for a powerful, but not too expensive, hunting bow. Just this week my brother showed me his purchase of the JUNXING M109f Hunting Compound Bow and it is everything I need. Not only is it good for hunting, but also perfect for target practice."


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30-60lbs JUNXING M109f Hunting Compound Bow

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