Top 5 Benefits of the JunXing F117L Recurve Bow

When it comes to choosing a new bow, there are so many different aspects that need to be taken into account. You want something that is going to be easy to use, easy to maintain, and that will provide you with the performance that you are looking for.

The JunXing F117L Recurve Bow is one of the top recurve bows on the market today, and it has a number of benefits that make it stand out from the crowd. Here are some of those benefits.

It is designed for hunters who need the challenge a recurve bow provides.

This bow is made of maple and black fiberglass, which makes it lightweight, yet strong enough to handle any game. The riser is made from aluminum alloy and has an adjustable sight window. The limbs are made from laminated wood with a reinforced nock end and wood-fiber glass lamination on the belly side. These limbs also have a precision crowned tip to help reduce string angle and increase accuracy. This bow comes with a 5” stabilizer and a leather wrist sling.

The JunXing F117L Recurve Bow has been designed specifically for archers who want to experience the true thrill of shooting a traditional bow without having to go through years of training or spend thousands of dollars on high-end equipment. It’s easy to use, affordable and built to last!

The F117L has interchangeable limbs, which are offered separately so they can be customized to fit the archer’s needs.

The bow comes with two sets of limbs: one is shorter and lighter, while the other is longer and heavier.

There is also a choice of draw weight. The bow comes with two different draw weights: 35 lbs and 45 lbs draw weight. Each draw weight has different lengths of limbs attached to it, so if you want a longer or shorter draw length, you will need to order the corresponding limb set.

The F117L Recurve Bow is available in both right-handed and left-handed models. The bow does not have any sights on it, but there are multiple peep sights available for purchase separately if desired (see below).

The F117L comes in different draw weights and lengths.

The draw weight can range from 25 to 35 pounds, while the length can be adjusted to fit the size of your arm. The bow is very lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around.

The F117L is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long lasting. It has an aluminum body with a tough plastic grip on the back. The string is made out of fiberglass and has a wire installed at both ends for added durability. This makes it suitable for beginners who are still learning how to shoot accurately before moving on to more advanced bows like compound bows or crossbows.

It comes with the bowstring and a stringer tool to help you string and unstring the bow.

You can also use it for target practice or hunting.

This is an extra-long bow, which means that it’s designed for taller people. The draw length is set at 27 inches, but it can be adjusted if you need something shorter or longer.

The JunXing F117L Recurve Bow has a fiberglass riser, which makes it lightweight but also very durable. The limbs are made out of walnut wood, which provides more stability and better accuracy as well as less vibration when shooting arrows through them.

It’s a recurve bow so it comes with a traditional thumb ring on each side of the handle in order to help with drawing back the string before releasing the arrow.

It comes with pre-installed bushings which make it easy to switch out stabilizers and sight windows.

The F117L recurve bow is made of a high-quality carbon fiber material. It comes with pre-installed bushings which make it easy to switch out stabilizers and sight windows.

This bow is light weight and has a nice solid feel. The limbs are made of carbon fiber which gives it strength and durability.

The draw weight on this bow is around 35 pounds which makes it perfect for beginners or intermediate archers who want to improve their accuracy.

The F117L does not come with any accessories such as arrows or a quiver so you will need to purchase those separately if you don’t already own them.

It’s made of a glass fiber reinforced plastic composite which makes it strong but also keeps the weight down.

It’s a great bow for beginners because it comes with everything you need to start shooting, including arrows, finger tab and armguard. The draw weight is only 10 pounds so it’s easy to pull back and hold on target. You can adjust the draw length from 27 inches to 29 inches which is perfect for kids and adults alike.

The bow has a bow length of 62 inches, which isn’t too long or too short for most people. The brace height is 5 inches which means the distance between the string and limb tips when unstrung is 5 inches.

The JunXing F117L Recurve Bow is ideal for many types of archers, from beginners to advanced archers and hunters alike.

This bow is made of high-quality materials, which makes it a valuable addition to your bow collection. The F117L has a draw weight of 35 pounds, which means that it is suitable for anyone with an athletic build. The draw length is between 24 inches and 30 inches, so the F117L can be used by adults as well as children. This bow is easy to assemble, but if you are having problems with assembly, we have included instructions below.

The JunXing F117L is made from laminated bamboo and fiberglass. The laminated bamboo gives the bow strength and durability while reducing its weight. Bamboo has been used in China since ancient times because of its strength and flexibility. Fiberglass adds strength but reduces flexibility slightly compared to bamboo alone.

The JunXing F117L Recurve Bow is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable, finely crafted bow. It’s an excellent recurve at a price that makes it attractive to both entry level and experienced archers. Using this bow has been a pleasure, so if you are in the market for a sweet shooting recurve, take a close look at the JunXing F117L. It’s bound to please.

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