40-65lbs JUNXING M109a Hunting Compound Bow


ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCE AND ENJOY YOUR HOBBY:40-65lbs JUNXING M109a compound bow is a medium draw hunting Bow,it is designed for experienced archer or entry level.

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40-65lbs JUNXING M109a Hunting Compound Bow DETAILS

BOW Physical weight:3.5lbs
Draw weight:40-65lbs
Alex-to-Alex: 21”
Draw length: 26- 29.5inches
Brace Height: 6.3″
Let-off: 75%
rating: 320fps

1) Newest design patent in triangle shape

2) Gordon Composites imported limbs double on each end, totally manual polishing, double slide slope, which is with high difficult, but this makes great radian adjustable range and biggest tenacity.

3) All are CNC machined except limbs, surface is smooth and good handfeeling

4) Easy and freely adjustment of draw weight and draw length

5) High quality Cams and

40-65lbs JUNXING M109a Hunting Compound Bow Evaluation

40-65lbs JUNXING M109a Hunting Compound Bow MANUAL

Junxing M109a Hunting Compound Bow is a compound bow of high performance. It has a draw weight of 40-65lbs and draw length 26- 29.5 inches. The brace height is 6.3’’, let off 75%, IBO rating 320fps. It provides great comfort when you are shooting because of its light weight and small dimensions.

The Junxing M109a is an excellent compound bow for hunters of all skill levels. It’s compact size, yet powerful performance make this a versatile choice for both new and experienced archers. With 5 different camo designs available, you can be sure to find one perfect for you!


40-65lbs JUNXING M109a Hunting Compound Bow REVIEW

Contu M Hei
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"I am a woman who was seeking to purchase a hunting bow for the first time. I came across this website and browsed through their options. I ended up purchasing the 40-65lbs JUNXING M109a Hunting Compound Bow and it has been great so far. It fits into my budget and has everything that I need."
Luci Dio
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"The JUNXING M109a Hunting Compound Bow is the perfect bow to take on your next hunting trip. It has a built in arrow rest, as well as other features that make it easy to shoot and hunt with."
Canali Alfonso
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"I have been shooting bows for some time now and I have always wanted to get my kid into the sport. I bought him this bow for his birthday. He is really excited about it and he has been practicing a lot lately."


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40-65lbs JUNXING M109a Hunting Compound Bow

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